Boss Information
Type: Undead
Weakness: None
Resistance: Ice
Stage: Castle of the Dead: Catacombs - B Path
Theme Song: Those that Threaten Life
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Normal 25 67636
Hard 55 243334
Inferno 85 500584

The Wraith is a huge Grim Reaper-looking boss who swings a huge scythe found in Path B of The Castle of the Dead.


The Wraith is immune to all damage unless you light the candle of a Goddess Statue. Once it is lit, the Wraith's weak spot, the Dream Heart, is exposed and you have a certain amount of time to damage the Wraith before the candle burns out. When that happens, you have to run and light the next one. The boss fight can span 3 areas, each with 3 candles, before you are forced to retreat to a sunlit room that the Wraith can't go to, causing you to fail to kill it. Only one candle needs to be lit to make the Wraith vulnerable so make sure to maximize the duration of each one.

The Wraith flies around, swinging or throwing its scythe while skeleton soldiers spawn around the area. The Wraith winds up before attacking with the scythe which is your chance to get ready to defend or evade. The skeletons serve mostly to disrupt your rhythm and should also be dealt with as you go along. 

Winning earns you the Yellow Talisman.


  • The Wraith is the only Undead typed boss in the game.


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