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Art by Emika Kida. This treasure art is unlocked by defeating the Ancient Dragon with a Wizard for the first time. This is also the ending for the character.


An arrogant young magician was attempting to save his sister's life by tinkering with immortality spells beyond his ken.

Worry became elation as you saw your sister drift into a deep sleep, obviously free of the pain that plagued her every moment. Sadly, your joy was fleeting.

She neither breathed nor woke again. Your spell left her in limbo; neither alive nor dead. Your journey was a quest to save her from your foolish actions. You traveled the world before ending up at Hydeland.

Now, you return as a great magician to fix your error. You distilled the ancient dragon blood to create the elixir...


As a testament to the wizard's unique character, this is the only story that ends in a cliffhanger, and the only story where the ancient dragon remains are put to use.