Dragon's Crown Wiki
DC - Wizard

Dying Messages[]

  • Run away!
  • Should've been a family man...
  • Why did I stand and fight...?
  • I seem to be dead...
  • Consarn it!
  • Bury me appropriately...
  • Sigh* Worst party ever.
  • Free bones.
  • I didn't feel, I thought...
  • Someone heal me... Guys?
  • I request a do-over.
  • Mission failed...
  • I was on a mission...
  • I have the weirdest bones...
  • The potion's useless NOW.

Resurrection Messages[]

  • I am in your debt.
  • The afterlife can wait.
  • Was I talking in my death?
  • I had begun to lose hope.
  • Good to see you.
  • Death is all ghostly-whostly.
  • I am grateful.
  • Death taught me much.
  • I shall aid you.
  • May my magic prove useful.
  • Death is not fun.
  • I owe you.
  • Well met.
  • You have my gratitude.
  • My fingers are still numb.

Selection Messages[]

  • Let's have a magical journey!
  • Heal me if I'm hurt, okay?
  • Let us begin.
  • Urge to kill... Rising...
  • Are you ready for this?
  • I shall assist you.
  • I will lay waste to all foes!
  • I'll never let you down.
  • I am the correct choice.
  • I'll show you a magic bonanza!
  • Wizards are where it's at.
  • Make the smart choice.
  • Good to see you.
  • I am ready.
  • I'm pretty used to dying.

Greeting Messages[]

  • Salutations!
  • Room for one more?
  • Now I can repay you.
  • I'll use all my magic.
  • Your prayers are answered.
  • Mr. Wizard, reporting in.
  • Let us work together.
  • Let's combine forces.
  • I'm not here to make friends.
  • I can prove useful.
  • Magicked up and good to go.
  • Would you like some help?
  • Adventurers assemble!
  • Watch and learn!
  • Wanna see some magic?