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DC - Wizard - 02


Storm - Calls upon several tornadoes that covers the entire screen, causing continuous damage on duration.

Fire Ward - A spell where the Wizard summons a flame sphere that continuously shoots fireballs in all directions. Increase in levels increases the power, duration, and spell usage.

Meteor - The most powerful spell by the Wizard, as he calls down flaming meteors to crash upon all who are under them. This is the most powerful attack in the game, but unfortunately takes a lot of time to cast, leaving you wide open to attack. Increase in level increases the power, spell usage, and the number of meteors called at a time.

Slow - The Wizard summons a dome that will slow down whatever is within it.

Extinction - The only attack that can instantly kill enemy. In terms of practicality, and power, this could be the wizards true ultimate attack.