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"A male magician who has mastered a variety of offensive spells."

The Wizard has the most powerful attacks and his slow skill makes all boss battles easier. It's best to use him in parties with different characters, as he might run into trouble in solo runs if used by novice players.



Description Rating Points (Max LVL)
Strength + Physical Damage Dealt D 139
Constitution - Physical Damage Taken C 216
Intelligence + Magical Damage Dealt S 325
Magic Resistance - Magical Damage Taken A 265
Dexterity + Weapon Damage Dealt B 227
Luck + Critical Hit Chance D 116

Stat Analysis[]

Play Style[]

Wizard Sprite

The Wizard possesses the ability to be one of the most damaging characters in a party with spells that could easily clear out the screen or deal heavy damage to a single target. He can also aid himself and his allies by creating Wood Golems out of crates or barricades.

On the downside, he is restricted by his mana reserves which he must replenish by charging (which slows his movement speed) or hitting targets with Magic Shot (which is melee), has a limited number of uses on his spells, suffers from low hp and defense as well as casting animations that leave him open to attack.

To truly maximize his abilities, you must fight and cast smart. Your spells shouldn't be wasted but hoarding them is just as unhelpful. A Wizard must also be aware of enemies around him as well as incoming attacks due to his inability to take a lot of damage. Avoid spamming evade as it also consumes mana per use.

Allow your ally Dwarf/Amazon/ and/or Fighter to lead the charge and use your spells to eliminate enemies from the back row (not too far behind as enemies can spawn from behind) or stay within a Fighter's area to benefit from his Cover Allies skill.

It should be noted that concentrating at full mp or hitting enemies too much will over charge the wizard up to 3 times, making for larger and stronger spells.

Easy boss kills[]

This works great, even on the eternal dragon on infernal mode. Max out storm, meteor, and adroit hands. Equip the two spells, a damage potion, and a knockback immunity potion. Simply drink the two quickly, run up to the boss, cast storm, then meteor. Unless a boss can grab you, meteor should go off every time. The purpose of storm is to reflect ranged attacks and kill minions. The potions effects are obviously to increase damage and prevent spell interruption. I highly suggest increasing max hp so you don't die while standing and casting meteor.

Advanced Ice Wand Usage[]

It is possible to shoot up to a maximum of 6 shots per jump when using the Ice wand attack in the air (Up + O). The trick is to hold and release O, then quickly hold and release O again. Aim for 3 or 4 shots at the beginning, over time your timing improves and you average 4 to 5 and occasionally get 6.

Of course this also works for the Sorceress.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]