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Wallace's Underground Labyrinth
Wallace's Underground Labyrinth at the stage selection screen.
Wallace's Underground Labyrinth at the stage selection screen.
Labyrinth encounter Rickey, magician's apprentice
Path A
Screens 10
Optional rooms 3
Chests 7 (1 A, 1 B, 2 C, 1 D, 2 E)
Boss Doom Beetle
Path B
Screens 9
Optional rooms 2
Chests 7 (1 A, 3 C, 2 D, 1 E)
Boss Cyclops
Talisman Aqua Talisman
Chain run
Previous Next
Ancient Temple Ruins Forgotten Sanctuary

It's said this underground maze was created in a single night with magic. It is a most dangerous place with traps everywhere that thwart all who would attempt to enter it.


The third stage takes place here where you go to search for the missing Lucain at Tiki's request. Here you meet the magician's apprentice Rickey, a mouse. He informs you that Lucain was here but hadn't been heard from since. In the mushroom-infested depths, you come across the doom beetle and its carrion worm brethren. Defeating it earns you Lucain's remains.

The second time through, Rickey informs that some suspicious mages had been found lurking in the deeper parts of the labyrinth, namely near the Cyclopes' holding cell. The holding cell had been opened and the cyclopes have broken out. Defeating them and sealing the cell once again wins a talisman.