Boss Information
Type: Humanoid
Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: None
Stage: Castle of the Dead: Catacombs - A Path
Theme Song: The Threat of Swarms
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial 8 2160
Normal 17 4372
Hard 42 16245
Inferno 72 40494

Vampires are pale-skinned, buxom beauties who lurk in the Castle of the Dead. You first encounter one while going through Path A in the room where the 3rd village girl is kept. 


The boss fight involves fighting multiple Vampires. They attack by clawing at you or taking to the air and firing a wave of bats. If you have a village girl (or all 3) with you, the vampires may also try to attack them by biting their necks which will rapidly deplete their health. If they are killed in this manner, they will be turned into vampires and you'll be forced to fight them as well. A Fighter with the Distraction skill is particularly helpful in this fight since he can draw the vampires' attention away from his allies, especially the village girl/s.

Their attacks are unremarkable by themselves but the fight is made challenging by the village girl/s you have to protect (you will want to have all 3 as each one gives bonus points to your end score). The key is to end the fight as fast as you can to lessen the chances of the village girls taking any damage or potentially getting turned.


One quest, Church Cover-up, requires you to kill the vampires in under two minutes, and another, Save the Seamstresses, requires you to kill them while keeping all three village maidens human.



  • The female vampire was likely inspired by the likeness of Succubus from Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, the Vampire's boss fight and stage are reminiscent to the Castlevania series.
  • Their voluptuousness, outfit and design might be inspired by the female vampires from the 1962 film Santo vs. las Mujeres Vampiro.
  • These vampires differ significantly from most portrayals of vampires due to a weakness to lighting, not fire, and also due to it being humanoid typed instead of undead typed.


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