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Unnatural Life
At Mage's Tower, defeat a chimera alone.
*Set other party slots to “Join Off” at the Inn.
Location Mage's Tower
Path B
Complete A Beast Most Foul.
Money 25000 Gold
Experience points 100000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Quest progression
Previous Next
A Beast Most Foul Myth Buster

This quest is available once you complete the quest A Beast Most Foul. Within the game menu, this quest is preceded by Contract Renegotiations and followed by A Beast Most Foul.


A potential officer of a religious group came to us in a cold sweat with this request, after realizing that in his religious, praying to God does not guarantee equal blessings to all. He then realized that if God won't save the faithful who are sick, humans must do their utmost to aid them.

He wants you to capture chimerae that evil magicians have produced in order to subvert their evil magic and use it to aid citizens as a supplement to his god's blessings. However, his church has declared any research into unnatural life verboten, which means this request needs to be completed secretly.

Completion message[]

You obtained chimera tissue.


You must do this quest alone without the help of other players or NPCs. At Dragon's Haven Inn, change your party join settings to "Join Off". Alternatively, switch off NPC join settings in Game Options 2 and remain offline.

Bring equipment with damage to demonic foes. This fight is not too hard for any of the characters. The difficult part is finishing the battle on time. The key to winning it quickly is attacking the snake and goat heads at the same time for double damage and then focusing on the paw. Don't waste time attacking the lion head, which is the least dangerous, unless you can damage it along with the paw.

If you have problems to complete this quest, tune down the difficulty level.