Treasure of Demon Island is one of the Japanese-only DLC that was included in the Royal Package edition of Dragon's Crown Pro.

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The gameplay in Treasure of Demon Island is that of a gamebook, where you go through pages normally until you have to make decisions on which page to go to next. Occasionally you will run into enemies, which you fight by using spells/skills and dice rolls. Whoever wins the roll is determined by the roll number + HP remaining for each side. It's possible to die if your HP is lowered to 0 in a fight, or if you choose a deadly route. During the adventure, you collect various items and equipment that can increase your attack and defense. Certain paths have requirements to them, like specific key items, to be able to pick them.

Playable Characters Edit

Sorceress Edit

Dragon's Crown Pro Digital Game Book 20180927012338

Sorceress' artwork and stats in Treasure of Demon Island.

Skills Edit

Protection - Negates any damage you would take if you lost a dice roll.

Blizzard - Roll two dice. Deal damage equal to the sum of the dice to the enemy. You can still roll the dice to attack after using Blizzard.

Animate Skeleton - Summon a Skeleton to fight by your side for the remainder of the fight. After you roll the dice, your Skeleton also rolls a single die, dealing damage equal to what they roll.

Petrification - Roll one dice. If you roll a 6, instantly kill the enemy.

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Dragon's Crown Pro - Treasure of Demon Island

Dragon's Crown Pro - Treasure of Demon Island

Gamebook playthrough as Sorceress

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