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Red Aura Sorceress

Red Aura enemies are powered up versions of enemies that have a darker appearance, and a red aura surrounding them. These enemies are more difficult to kill, and will use Auto Spells as well. They can appear as early as the first floor in Tower of Mirages, and you will receive Purple equipment affixes when you kill them.

Types of Red Aura Enemies[]

Basic Red Aura[]

You can encounter these as soon as you enter the Tower of Mirages. They have access to random Auto Spells, including some on-death ones like Summon Frog King. It's possible that they only have Auto Spells from 501-800 bosses.

Giant Red Aura[]

These can also be encountered at the start of Tower of Mirages. The Red Aura enemy will be massive, and if they have any projectiles, they will also be giant.

Sub Boss Red Aura[]

Starting from Tower of Mirages 501 and onward, you can encounter Red Aura sub bosses at a low chance. If you manage to kill them, they will give you 2 pieces of Purple affixed equipment instead of 1.

Boss Red Aura[]

When you reach floor 501 of Tower of Mirages, the bosses will become Red Aura versions permanently, gaining Auto Spells. When you reach floor 801 of Tower of Mirages, they gain even more Auto Spells and use them more frequently. When you reach floor 1001 of Tower of Mirages, the Vampires, Pirates and Cyclops boss encounters will spawn 2 Red Aura versions at a time.