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Tommit the Bandit is first encountered in the ruins of the Old Capital where he makes his home base. First time through, he had stolen the kingdom's Royal Scepter and you have to capture him. You chase him through the ruins until encountering the wyverns. Once the wyverns are dealt with, Tommit is pinned and forced to relinquish the scepter.

It was then revealed that Tommit was hired by Dean to steal the scepter.

Tommit then later tells you about the Red Dragon that lurks in the treasure room of the Old Capital.



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  • Clicking on Tommit gives the message "After the scepter incident, he seems to have given up." Clicking on the candle gives "The hidden house is inside this dark burial chamber." Clicking on the gryphon statue gives "A gold gryphon statue, which was stolen from the nobles."