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Tiki is a fairy who is first seen imprisoned in a cage at the old temple ruins. Once freed, she'll return back to the town. She appears again and asks you to help her find her friend Lucain. When you bring his bones back and revive him, Tiki will then join up.



Tiki joins you during your adventures and acts as a guide. She'll point out various things that may have slipped your gaze in the heat of battle.



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  • Tiki is apparently a hard drinker, as seen how she is literally swimming in a goblet of ale in the tavern. If you click on her while she is in the tavern, you will be alerted to the fact that some fairies are bad drunks.
  • In the Mage's Tower, when you encounter the Spirit, if you click on her, Tiki will "Not-so-subtley judge you". It seems that she has a bit of jealousy, or just finds it lewd that you would touch a fellow creature of hers when they are bound.
  • She actually posts a request at the Adventurers Guild where she asks to free her fairy friends locked in cages found throughout Hydeland.
  • Ivalera, the female elf companion of Guts from Berserk, bears many similaties to Tiki, they both are attractive faeries, both have joyful personalities and they both act as guides to the heroes.
  • Tiki's name and appearance appear to be based on Tinker Bell as she appeared in Disney's Peter Pan.
  • Tiki also seems to be based on Navi and the other fairy companions of Link in The Legend of Zelda franchise.