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Art by Takafumi Noma. This treasure art is unlocked by defeating the Ancient Dragon on Infernal difficulty with any character for the first time. This is also the final ending of the game.


The heavens and earth were created, followed by a tumultuous period where deities, giants, and dragons lived together, but after the humans became rulers of the world, the balance was kept by three guardian deities; The goddess Jula, deity of trees and hunting, the goddess Vernas, deity of love and harvest, and the goddess Althena, deity of battles and mercy.

These goddesses are said to have nobly sacrificed their powers to seal the ancient dragon in the Illusory Land in order to save the world.


  • Althena shares some similarities with Fighter : she has long , blonde hair, uses a sword and shield, wears an armor, belt and gauntlets.
  • Jula shares some similarities with Elf : she has braided, blonde hair, uses a bow and arrow, wears gloves.
  • Vernas shares some similarities with Sorceress : she has long hair, wears a silk dress, uses a staff, her right hand is holding an apple, a reference to the skill Create Food of Sorceress.