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The Owlbear Menace
Slay 10 owlbears.
Location Ancient Temple Ruins / Lost Woods / Mage's Tower
Path Any
Complete the ninth mission (speak with the Hermit at Lost Woods).
Money 2000 Gold
Experience points 8000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Owlbear Parent and Cub
Quest progression
Previous Next
Forest Clearing Search and Resurrection

This quest is available once you complete the stage Lost Woods for the first time. Within the game menu, the following quest is Draconic History, although you won't meet the requirements to do that quest by the time you are able to complete this one.


If you ever happen upon an owlbear in the forest, it will invariably attack you. This is known.

These creatures were birthed as part of some ungodly experiments. They escaped into the forest and have been breeding ever since. Owlbears' numbers have increased as late, and they are no longer confining themselves to the forest. Some are even reporting that councils of owlbears are visible from their homes, and that fierce owlbear attacks are wreaking havoc upon their townsfolk and their trade.

I need you to cull the owlbear population, so they will no longer stray from their habitat to find food.

Completion message[]

The Quest "The Owlbear Menace" has been completed!


Simply slay 10 Owlbears. They don't appear often, so it's best to do this quest in several sessions or in a chain run. The best place to farm them is the Mage's Tower since they appear in the very first stage screen, making it easy to repeat the level if they don't appear there, although it is a waste of gold if this is done after the Town's Gate becomes unstable and teleports you to a random location to do chain runs.