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Art by SHIGATAKE. This treasure art is unlocked by completing the quest Release the Genie.


The Genie had grown frustrated that he was bound to remain within the lamp for centuries, if not millennia, doing the bidding of whomever held the lamp.

So, while he was out granting a wish, he wrote and submitted a request in secret, plotting to have a third party take possession of the lamp and grant the genie's wish: freedom from the lamp's prison.

After having served the will of others for so long, the Genie was glad to use his powers for himself for once. Not long after, he had amassed a plethora of treasure and gained a following of beautiful women from every corner of the globe.


  • The art and lore appears to be inspired by imagery of Near East's harems.
  • While a traditional harem is associated with sex slaves, the Genie's one appears to be related to amassed richness exclusively since the Genie has no lower half in the art.