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Art by Emika Kida. This treasure art is unlocked by completing the quest Peer into the Past.


When you touch the temples of the leader of the underground organization, you feel his memories flooding through your fingertips.

The young man, once burning with dreams and ideals, blossomed in his talent for black magic and even became a teacher. However, those days ended, and his hope turned to despair. When he was falsely blamed for spreading a raging epidemic, his girlfriend and his family were all executed.

Since then, his path has become twisted. He sold his soul to the devil in an attempt to destroy this crazy kingdom where evil is passed off as justice.


  • He is the warlock at the end of Mage's Tower path A as stated in the description of the quest Peer into the Past.
  • He could be seen as an evil counterpart to the wizard. Both lost their loved one(s) to a plague, directly or indirectly. Both use a one-hit-kill spell, lightning and fire bolt spells, but hardly ice spells. They also use a snake staff. However, the difference is that the wizard is trying to save his sister, while the warlock is trying to get revenge for his family. That, and the wizard uses one powerful wood golem while the warlock uses a small army of skeletons.