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Steal Wyvern Eggs
At Old Capital, collect 12 eggs dropped by female wyverns.
Location Old Capital
Path A
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.
Money 6000 Gold
Experience points 20000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Quest progression
Previous Next
Harpy Adoption Doom Cocoons

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon for the first time.


We've gotten a request for a wyvern egg from a dragon-riding clan in a distant land. It's quite difficult to breed wyverns, so the preferred method for raising a wyvern mount is to steal an egg.

A menagerie of wyverns is organized much like a harem with one alpha male and a few females. You are being tasked with traveling into the valley behind the ruins of the old capital and stealing a clutch of eggs from the female while trying to steer clear of the male.

Completion message[]

You harvested the requested number of wyvern eggs.


At the end of path A of the Old Capital, face the Wyvern and damage it until its health drops below the half. At this point, it will start calling female wyverns to aid it. Slay the female wyverns and get the golden eggs that drop when you defeat them until you collect the twelve. Each female drops three eggs, so you'll need to defeat four female wyverns to complete the mission. To finish the quest in one go, it's best to do the quest alone or with local players since AI characters and online players could defeat the male wyvern before collecting all eggs.