The female spirit is a half-naked woman held prisoner in the Mage's Tower. She tells about how she and many of her kind have been captured by the Morean magicians to be used as fuel for their rune magic. You also learn that the Ancient Dragon has been awakened. After freeing her, you go to face off against the Warlock.

Once you unlock Path B, the spirit tells you about the sinister experiments the magicians are doing with monster fusions where you head to the top of the tower to fight the Chimera.



Abilities & Attacks


Dragon's Crown (Video Game)

Dragon's Crown (Manga)


  • If you click on the spirit's body, will cause the message "Tiki is not-so-subtly judging you." Also, she will occasionally flinch and make a somewhat suggestive moan, which will differ depending on the part of the body that's clicked.  Alternatively, clicking on the spirit's shackles will reveal that "Spirits cannot break free of these magic chains."

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