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Soul Gazing
At Lost Woods, equip the urn and defeat a gazer alone.
*Set other party slots to “Join Off” at the Inn.
Location Lost Woods
Path A
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.
Money 10000 Gold
Experience points 35000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
The Gazers' Homeworld
Quest progression
Previous Next
Peer into the Past Crush Hydeland's Enemies

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon for the first time.


Gazers, monster with a giant eye, are the bane of magicians. A Gazer is able to nullify magic with a look from its evil eye. A researcher has proffered a theory that this unnatural ability is proof that gazers are from another world.

He says that he can glean information from a gazer's soul in order to find out more about its world.

With a mysterious urn in hand, he asks you to defeat a gazer and bring back its soul in this urn. However, the urn is extremely powerful, and it may also claim the souls of any allies around you.

To limit casualties, you must complete this quest alone.

Completion message[]

You captured the soul of a gazer.


You must do this quest alone without the help of other players or NPCs. At Dragon's Haven Inn, change your party join settings to "Join Off". Alternatively, switch off NPC join settings in Game Options 2 and remain offline. The Gazer is one of the hardest bosses, particularly for the Sorceress and the Wizard dues to its ability to nullify magic. The strategy is different depending on the character that you use. The Sorceress and the Wizard must really on getting behind the Gazer to be able to use spells or magic attacks, while the Amazon and the Fighter can face the Gazer head-on. The Dwarf can attack at close range or throwing a rock, while the Elf can safely attack at a distance as long as she doesn't run out of arrows. Equip weapons and accessories with damage to demonic foes and try to equip a pendant that has immunity to burning. The higher level your character and equipment are, the easier the quest gets since you will not have to rely too much on your escape abilities. Do not forget to equip the Gazer Soul Catcher Urn, otherwise the quest will not be completed even if you defeat the Gazer, so be careful before starting your adventure to complete this quest. If you have problems to complete this quest, tune down the difficulty level.