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Levitation/Witch Flight - Grants the Sorceress the ability to do an air-dash after a double jump. It also increases the power of aerial spells.

Animate Skeleton - Sorceress can bring the dead back to life if there is a pile of bones nearby. Summoned Skeletons can freeze, burn, and stun enemies depending on which type of staff you are using. Multiple ranks increase the amount of Skeletons you can summon, as well as their levels.

Ice Prison - The Sorceress summons 2 vertical rows of razor-sharp ice spikes that remain onscreen for a short time, and limit enemy movement until they dissipate or are destroyed. For the first half of Ice Prison's duration, there is a chilled portion in the middle that damages and slows enemies that touch it. After half of its duration, the chilled effect will disappear and the Ice Prison will not deal damage, but the walls will remain and keep most enemies away until they disappear or are destroyed. Increase in levels allow more usage and increase damage inflicted.

Protection - Sorceress casts a protective bubble around herself and all party members. The bubble reduces all damage taken, and gives you complete immunity to knockback and knockdown effects.

Gravity - Sorceress creates a Gravity field on the ground to suck enemies towards it. Some powerful enemies can walk through or teleport out of the Gravity field.

Thunderhead - A spell where the Sorceress summons a thundercloud that strikes down lightning as it flies about on the screen. Powerful, but it isn't very accurate. Increase in levels increases the power, duration, and spell usage.

Rock Press - Sorceress summons a giant rock to crush enemies below. Very high stun and knockdown chance. The Rock Press also has a shockwave that can stun and knockdown enemies.

Blizzard - A spell where the Sorceress summons a blizzard that hits everything on the screen multiple times for the duration of the spell. Increase in levels allows more spell usage, power, and duration. Each hit of the Blizzard has a chance to freeze enemies.

Create Food - Self explanatory. Increase in levels allow food to restore more health. At rank 2+, it will also create bones for Sorceress if she has points in Animate Skeleton. For allies, at rank 2+ it will create boulders for Dwarf, barrels for Wizard, and arrows for Elf.

Curse - Sorceress fires a hexing spell in a line, turning enemies hit into helpless frogs. The frogs will hop around for a while before eventually reverting. Additional ranks increase the amount of bounces the spell has when cast.

Petrification - Turn enemies to stone. Enemies are only petrified if they are looking in Sorceress' direction. If their backs are turned to you, they will not be affected.

In the Colosseum (PvP)[]

Animate Skeleton - Bone piles will spawn around the Colosseum if you have no limits set for weapon spawns. Your Skeletons will still freeze/burn/stun enemies based off of your staff type.

Ice Prison - Works a little differently in the Colosseum. The frosty part in the middle will knock you back instead of slowing you, and stuns after a few hits. This frosty section will start disappearing when someone gets hit by it, so it can fully disappear before the normal time limit if it gets hit in all of the areas. Items like boxes and crates can also remove the chilled sections of the Ice Prison. The walls are very easily destroyed compared to PvE.

Protection - Same duration, but the damage you take isn’t halved. In PvP, the damage you deal is much less than in PvE, so Protection only reduces the damage you take by around 10 points.

Gravity - Frequent knockback and high damage over time if the enemy has trouble escaping it. Like Blizzard, it destroys equipment pretty quickly, but it does a lot more damage and can’t be canceled, even persisting through your death. Same duration as normal.

Thunderhead - Can be destroyed by enemies in the Colosseum. Lasts the full duration, high stun chance.

Rock Press - Does a lot of damage if you land it directly on the enemy, but barely any damage if you don’t hit them directly with the rock. Unlike in PvE, the stun is tied to the rock only and not the shockwave. It’s not screen-wide like in PvE, but still has a long range, although the shockwave doesn't stun in PvP. If an enemy is in the air and it hits them, it smacks them into the ground.

Blizzard - In the Colosseum, Blizzard's cast time is increased to twice the length (3s compared to 1.5s with max adroit hands) and the moment Sorceress gets hit while Blizzard is active, it gets canceled. It will also shred the equipment durability of your opponents if they don’t stop you. Damage over time effects like Burn also cancel your Blizzard.

Create Food - Can give you healing from the food when potions are forbidden. If non-skill items are forbidden, the food will disappear when you walk over them instead. You can’t get bone piles from Create Food in the Colosseum, but you can get weapons from it even when weapons are forbidden.

Curse - It lasts the full duration as in PvE. Your opponent will not be able to break out of it no matter what and can only attack you by leaping onto you, which deals some knockback.

Petrification - About the same as in PvE. It can be negated if your enemy has an immunity to Petrification amulet. Same duration when staying still or breaking free as in PvE. Your opponent has to be facing you for it to Petrify them.


BJKuMCJ Fire Bolt
Attributes: Magical/Fire
MP Cost: 20
Power: 40
Knockback: 100
Knockdown: 25
Stun: 10
Special Effects: 33% Burn, Repeatable, Reflects projectiles
This is one of the only fire attacks you can use in the water, which makes it great for taking out enemies weak to fire while you’re in the water. With points in Levitation, of course the aerial version will be stronger, so try to use it in the air while in a watery area as well. In general, it can also be good to use for some quick damage + burns on enemies.