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  • The sorceress is a necromancer with large breasts. In Vanillaware games, necromancers have large breasts. It is speculated that this is because the motif is characters who give life to the dead. The functional purpose of breasts is to provide milk for children, to give life. So, instead of using the traditional old men from fantasy settings, Vanillaware characters are young looking, well-endowed women, such as Odette from Odin Sphere, and Opalnaria Rain and Lujei Piche from Grim Grimoire.[1]
  • The Sorceress has a strong resemblance to Morda from the Berserk series; they both are elegant dressed witches, are capable of casting powerfull spells and they both have adventurous personalities.
  • The Sorceress looks very similar to Lillet Blan, the main character from Grim Grimoire, one of Vanillaware's first titles on the PlayStation 2.
  • The Sorceress uses wands, but her attacks are the exact same as the Wizard, who uses staves. In fact, they are the only class who share the same fighting style.
  • As a busty female magician, the sorceress is similar looking to Jessica from Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King.
  • The Sorceress seems to be an espy of Kongiku from Vanillaware's Muramasa: The Demon Blade, as both are incredibly busty and jiggle even when idle.
  • The Sorceress' dashing attack is very similar to Peach's Peach Bomber move from Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros Brawl as both women can hit enemies with their butt so hard they go flying.
  • The Sorceress is the only class whose default hair color is not silver/white, she is also the only character who leans back while running.
  • Sorceress Japanese voice actress is Kikuko Inoue. Her English voice actress is Erin Fitzgerald.
  • Two of her dying messages has her saying "Tell her I loved her..." and "Please... Tell him I loved him" which implies that she has a preference for both men and women. Her bones also states "I was single my whole life...", revealing her feelings were never returned by either sex.
    • It should be noted that this implication is evident in the English version. In the Japanese version, The Sorceress' only dying message referring to a loved one saying "Somebody, please tell the love of my life that I love her." , as well as her selection message saying "To be honest, it's more comfortable to work with women.", may also be implying that she has a preference for women exclusively.
  • Counting all movement options, spells, and basic attacks for all 3 elemental types, Sorceress has the largest moveset in the game, more than Wizard by one spell.
  • Sorceress is the most popular and iconic Dragon's Crown character.
  • Sorceress' alternate colors in English, "Deep Crow" and "Dark Blue" have different names in Japanese. They are called "Darkness Crow" and "Deep Blue", respectively.


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