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"A witch who controls magical forces at her whim. She has high magic defense and good support magic."

Sorceress (ソーサレス) is a very versatile character who can be played in many different ways. She can be a big asset in a party, and is also great in solo play. The Sorceress is the only class that can create food. With this skill and in conjunction with her other abilities, she can handle long solo runs more easily than other characters.



Description Rating Points (Max LVL)
Strength + Physical Damage Dealt E 65
Constitution - Physical Damage Taken D 186
Intelligence + Magical Damage Dealt A 283
Magic Resistance - Magical Damage Taken S 314
Dexterity + Weapon Damage Dealt B 210
Luck + Critical Hit Chance A 246

Stat Analysis[]

STR: Sorceress has the lowest STR in the game. Increases damage of dash attack and slide attack. Sorceress’ weakest stat, but she does not make much use of STR at all.

CON: Sorceress has the lowest CON in the game. Keep in mind that she is squishy against physical damage when fighting enemies who attack physically.

INT: Sorceress has the 2nd highest INT in the game. This increases Spellbook damage, Circle attack damage, and Magic Shot + Missiles damage on Square. Although her INT rating is lower than Wizard’s and she’s listed as more of a support character, her damage is still great and it shouldn’t deter you from playing her as a full damage dealer if you wish.

MGR: Sorceress has the highest MGR and her resilience to Magical damage makes up for her squishiness to Physical damage. Auto-Spells from bosses in ToM and Red Aura enemies count as Magical damage which makes this a useful stat to have as Sorceress’ most powerful.

DEX: Sorceress has average DEX. Gives you a higher chance of hitting with the higher end of your weapon’s damage. There are some affixes that benefit from Sorceress having a high base DEX. Doesn’t affect spellbook damage.

LUC: Having the second highest LUC rating in the game, Sorceress will land critical hits very often. It makes Cavalry gear very attractive on her. There are some affixes that benefit from Sorceress having high LUC.

Play Style[]

DC - Sorceress Sprite


Although she is listed as a supportive character, Sorceress is also very powerful offensively. Sorceress is very helpful to a party, and is a powerful solo character as well. Sorceress makes use of three different staff types: Ice, Fire, and Lightning.

Sorceress has some offensive spells, but most of her spells are utility based. All of Sorceress' spells are useful, which gives her a very diverse and varied amount of ways to play. She can be played as a full support who protects allies with protective bubbles, creates food for the party to eat and heal with, and traps enemies in multiple types of crowd control. Or you can play her fully offensively - raising the dead to fight alongside her, casting devastating blizzards, thunder clouds and giant boulders to destroy enemies. Or anything in-between! Sorceress is extremely versatile and can be played however you want.

Strengths and Weaknesses[]


  • Highest MGR means Sorceress can tank magical attacks better than anyone, including autospells at ToM 501+.
  • 2nd Highest LUC gives Sorceress a great critical hit rate.
  • Every Sorceress specific spell and skill is useful, giving her a large variety of ways to play.
  • Very strong offense and defense.
  • Absolute best in crowd control.
  • Amazing aerial game.
  • Great mobility and repositioning with Witch Flight among other movement options.
  • Lagless dash gives Sorceress her own unique advanced techniques for grounded circle attacks.
  • Great while playing solo or with a party.
  • Strong versus bosses.
  • Lots of utility.
  • Uses three schools of magic with helpful properties (Freezing, Burning, Stunning).
  • Can summon minions to fight alongside her.
  • Can heal herself and allies with conjured food.
  • Can reduce damage taken from herself and allies, and give the party knockback/knockdown immunity.
  • Enemies can be weak to your different schools of magic (Ice, Fire, Lightning).
  • Being gorgeous and lovable!


  • Sorceress is physically weak, with the lowest STR and CON in the game. She's squishy to physical attacks due to her low CON, but the only attacks affected by her low STR are her Dash Attack and Slide. 
  • You have to manage your MP as Sorceress, so there will be some downtime when you need to replenish MP, but there are skills and equipment in the game to help with it. 
  • Sorceress' clear speed at a high level is on the lower end compared to other characters, but she can still clear just fine. 
  • Some of her spells are weaker versus bosses (You can't curse a boss for example). 
  • Can be a difficult and complex character to learn and play. 
  • Enemies can be resistant to your different schools of magic (Ice, Fire, Lightning).

Staff Types[]

Ice - At a basic level, ice staves are the weakest with the lowest overall power per hit, knockdown, knockback, and stun. However, ice staves also have the lowest MP costs overall. The bigger advantage to them is the utility of being able to freeze enemies, it can really give you some nice breathing room when you are constantly freezing enemies around you. 

Ice Storm (Up + Circle) can deflect most enemy projectiles, and Ice Cloud (Hold Circle or up + circle in the air) breaks into six small snowflakes upon impact that will also damage and freeze enemies around, making it an extremely powerful aerial attack to use - especially on bosses. 

Fire - Fire staves are in the middle when it comes to overall power per hit, MP costs, and stun chance. They have the highest overall knockback and knockdown chance. Fire staves can burn enemies, slowly ticking away their health. This is especially great for enemies you might have trouble with. In water, you might struggle while using a fire staff as any fire attack that hits the water will fizzle away. You can still use attacks that don't hit the water, such as Fire Bolt (Tapping Circle on the ground or in the air repeatedly) and Fireball (Hold circle or up + circle in the air), as long as it doesn't hit the water.

Fire Wall (Up + Circle) can deflect most enemy projectiles, and Fireball (Hold circle or up + circle in the air) is extremely powerful for fighting groups of enemies. As Sorceress you can fly around with Witch Flight, raining down fireballs upon your enemies for safe and powerful damage.

Lightning - Lightning staves have the highest overall power per hit, MP costs, and stun chance. They are in the middle when it comes to knockback and knockdown chance. Lightning staves have completely different attacks from Ice and Fire. You'll have some nice utility with this staff along with its power because of its high stun chance. Some of the attacks can be hard to hit on small enemies, like the Killer Rabbit.

Paralysis (Down + Circle) has a unique paralyzing effect to it that can be good for momentarily stopping enemies in their tracks and giving you some breathing room. Thunderstorm (Hold circle in the air) is a large area of effect, multi-hit attack that can be devastating to large groups of enemies or big bosses.

Advanced Techniques[]

Mobility Techniques[]


Dragon's Crown Sorceress Guide - Advanced Techniques

Sorceress Advanced Techniques Video Guide

Bunny Hopping

Hold →→ > ◻ > X

Hold → + ◻ > release ◻ and quickly press X

Bunny Hopping covers a bit more distance than Slide Jumping, slightly better for mobility.

Slide Jumping

Hold ↘ > ◻ > X

Slide jumping is great for mobility as well as repositioning in the middle of a fight. It gives you more aerial mobility while saving your Witch Flight. You must have some points in the Slide Attack skill to use it.


After Bunny Hopping or Slide Jumping, press X just as you hit the ground.

If you jump with good timing while landing, you can maintain your momentum and keep bouncing off of the ground.

Dash Canceling[]

Press → and ◻ at the same time. Release both inputs and repeat.

Sorceress has a dash with almost no lag at the end of it. You can see this for yourself by tapping dash repeatedly, it’s very easy to cancel it into another one - thus you are able to make use of her dash canceling to quickly use another circle spell. Up + Circle cancels are the fastest, Neutral + Circle is in the middle, and Down + Circle is the slowest.

Up + Circle Canceling (Ice Storm/Fire Wall/Thunder)

Hold + Tap ◻ and ⭘ together repeatedly

First up is the fastest and most useful of these cancels. By using the dash canceling technique with up + circle attacks, you can run forward, or back and forth while quickly unleashing multiple attacks. This is more useful with Ice and Fire staves than Lightning, as those attacks persist while Thunder is only a single bolt of lightning. However, using Thunder in quick succession with canceling can be powerful as well with its high stun chance and power. You can create a ton of Ice Storms and Fire Walls, racking up a huge amount of damage to any enemies caught in the middle. You can even lure enemies into them when they try to chase you down!

Neutral Circle Canceling (Ice Pillar/Fire Element/Lightning Bolt)

Tap → and ◻ and ⭘ together. Release and repeat

This technique is in the middle for usefulness and speed. This technique is nice for all three staff types. Ice Pillar has a very high freeze rate, so you can engage enemies with this technique, quickly freezing them to follow up with up circle cancels. Fire Element has a very high knockback and knockdown chance, so on certain enemy packs you can engage with this and juggle them until they die or get stunned. Lightning Bolt deals high damage and can hit multiple times, and you may be able to use it quicker than in the air, but because you will be moving forward using this technique, it can be a bit risky. Make sure to back off when you’re getting too close.

Down + Circle Canceling (Ice Circle/Fire Circle/Paralysis)

Press ↓ + ⭘ > Press + ◻ > release > Press ↓ + ⭘ > repeat

The slowest of the three techniques, I'm currently looking for the best uses for this one. Stay tuned! Give it a try yourself, though!

Fast Falling[]

Press X > Press ↓ and X

Fast falling is descending instantly while in the air, rather than the normal speed, and is useful for multiple other techniques.

Fast Falling Aerial Attacks (Ice Cloud/Fireball/Thunderstorm)

Press X > Hold ⭘ > Press ↓ > Press X

Very simple technique that lets you spam Sorceress’ neutral aerial attacks and dish out huge amounts of damage in a shorter time. You can hold ↓ to make it easier, but you will start moving downwards.

Fast Falling Down Circle Attacks (Ice Circle/Fire Circle/Paralysis)

Press X > Hold ↓ in midair > Press ⭘ after fast falling

A nice way to use down circle attacks while mobile!

Fast Falling Down Circle Attacks + Bunny Hopping

Hold → + ◻ > release ◻ and quickly press X > Hold ↓ in midair > Press ⭘ after fast falling

However, bunny hopping with down circle fast falling is even better for mobility. You can jump onto enemies, quickly escape and repeat.

Repeated Aerial Attacks[]

Repeated Vertical Aerial Attacks (Ice Cloud/Fireball/Thunderstorm)

X (Jump) >⭘ > R1 (Air Evade 1) > ⭘ > X (Double Jump) > ⭘ > R1 (Air Evade 2) > ⭘ > X (Witch Flight) > ⭘ > R1 (Air Evade 3) > O

Normally, you can only use one vertical aerial attack before hitting the ground. Each action that gives you extra air time, such as double jumping, Witch Flight, and air evasion, will let you use an extra attack. When you make use of these extra attacks, you can stay in the air for a long time while safely firing off attacks.

Repeated Horizontal Aerial Attacks (Ice Cloud/Fireball)

In the air, hold ↑ and repeatedly press ⭘

You can repeatedly shoot out horizontal ice and fire aerial attacks with this technique, which is especially great for giant enemies or airborne enemies.

Repeated Horizontal Aerial Attacks (Lightning Bolt)

X (Jump) > Hold ↑ and ⭘ > R1 (Air Evasion 1) > Hold ↑ and ⭘ > X (Double Jump) > Hold ↑ and ⭘ > R1 (Air Evasion 2) > Hold ↑ and ⭘ > X (Witch Flight) > Hold and ⭘ (Turn-around attack) > R1 (Air Evasion 3) > Hold ↑ and ⭘

This is a tricky technique to learn, but Lightning Bolt does huge damage to all enemies it hits in a line. You can get about 7 or 8 of these out before hitting the ground when done properly. Using down and ⭘ with Lightning to Paralyze enemies helps keep some pressure off of you. Make sure to reposition Sorceress properly in the air so you don’t shoot lightning in the wrong direction.