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"Bewitching women with knowledge of dark magic. They are weak of body, but the great knowledge they wield of the arcane arts cannot be ignored. Sorceresses can create delicious food, control skeletons, and turn foes into harmless frogs. A jack-of-all-trades support class, they can provide aid to their friends in countless ways." - Sorceress description in Atlus Dragon's Crown website.


Sorceress is a mature, voluptuous and very well endowed woman. She has long, flowing red hair and dark brown eyes. She also wears light makeup. She wears a large black hat with purple cloth wrapped around it, a black corset-like top with white lacing on the chest that exposes her breasts, black detached sleeves with white lacing at the top, an orange sash belt around her waist, a long flowing purple skirt with a long slit starting from the upper thigh, and black slightly pointed shoes. Her main weapon appearance is a long and brown, gnarled wooden staff.


Like her powers, Sorceress has a varied personality. At her core she is a very mature and kind character, and acts as a motherly figure in the manga. Her Japanese voice shows her motherly personality especially. Although Sorceress is a kind hearted hero, she uses powers that would be seen as wicked in fiction. She also has a bit of a ditzy side to her, which can mostly be seen in her English quotes ("Those monsters are so mean!"), and some of her animations in the game like her running animation. She has a bit of a sinister side to her as well, which can mostly be seen in her Japanese quotes ("I'll turn bad children into frogs."). Sorceress also has a sensual and flirty side, which she doesn't show all too often, but is shown the best in her official artwork with where she holds her staff and skeleton. There are also some Japanese quotes that show this ("Cute adventurer, do you need a Witch to accompany you?").

Abilities & Attacks[]

Witchcraft - The power of Witchcraft allows Sorceress to manipulate and transform her foes.

  • Curse - Sorceress transforms her enemies into helpless frogs who can only hop around.
  • Witch Flight - Sorceress flies around in the air using her staff.
  • Petrification - Sorceress can turn enemies staring at her to stone.

Necromancy - Sorceress has the power to raise the dead, animating the bones of fallen adventurers to create her own skeletal minions. The limit to her necromancy is unknown outside of the game, and in game she can raise four Skeletons at once.

  • Animate Skeleton - Sorceress can raise a small army of skeletons to do her bidding.

Elemental Magic - Sorceress can use multiple schools of magic: Ice, Fire, and Lightning. She can also use a non-elemental type of magic.

  • Ice Prison - Sorceress traps enemies within a jail of ice, slowly freezing them to death.
  • Blizzard - Sorceress creates a massive blizzard to destroy and freeze her enemies.
  • Thunderhead - Sorceress summons a thunder cloud that shoots bolts of lightning at any enemy it finds.

Dark Magic - Sorceress has mastered the dark arts, giving her access to powerful spells that can bring chaos to her foes.

  • Gravity - Sorceress summons a well of gravity that sucks in enemies.
  • Rock Press - Sorceress summons a giant boulder that falls from the sky, crushing enemies below.

Supportive Magic - Sorceress has access to magic that is meant to aid or protect others.

  • Protection - Sorceress surrounds herself and her allies with a protective bubble, shielding them from harm.
  • Create Food - Sorceress conjures up a load of food to keep herself and her allies healthy.

Physical Ability - Although she is physically weak, Sorceress can still resort to fighting physically if she needs to.

  • Hip Attack - Sorceress sends enemies flying using a powerful hip attack.


Dragon's Crown (Video Game)[]

After Sorceress defeats the Ancient Dragon and saves Hydeland along with her 5 companions, she lives her life lavishly as a fortune-teller, giving readings to the nobles in the kingdom. However, she chooses to leave that life behind and return to adventuring, as it is what she truly desires.

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Dragon's Crown (Manga)[]

Treasure of Demon Island (DLC)[]

"An alluring witch who specializes in curses and magic of transmutation. The Sorceress mastered her skills through extensive research and training and now utilizes her talents to manipulate the fabric of reality."

- Sorceress Description from DLC