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Search and Resurrection
Resurrect 30 sets of bones at the Canaan Temple.
Location Canaan Temple
Path Does not apply
Complete the ninth mission (speak with the Hermit at Lost Woods).
Money 5000 Gold
Experience points 15000 Exp
Skill points 2 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Saint March Rosa
Quest progression
Previous Next
The Owlbear Menace Harpy Adoption

This quest is available once you complete the Lost Woods for the first time. Within the game menu, this quest is preceded by Submerged Memories and followed by Looks Can Kill.


The Church of Althena, the governing body of the Canaan Temple, is trying to expand their efforts to gain followers and glorify their goddesses.

They are striving to show the populace the power and achievements of Althena's miracles by resurrecting adventurers at the temple.

However, the monks' prayers do not reach the adventurers who have perished within the dangerous labyrinths. If their bones are left uninterred for too long, the death god will come and reap their souls swiftly.

Bring back as many bones as possible from the labyrinths in the monks' stead, and resurrect them at the temple.

Completion message[]

You have completed the Quest "Search and Resurrection". Go to the Adventurers Guild for your reward.


Collect 30 bones and resurrect the adventurers at Canaan Temple. Even thought you could already have resurrected some bones by this point in the game, the resurrections will only count when you select this quest. You can complete this on multiple characters at one time, so be sure to load up 2 or more of them if you are able to do so. If you already have a character at a high level and start another one, you can take advantage of this by collecting bones with the low-leveled character so that the bones are low-leveled as well and are cheaper to resurrect for the high-leveled character. A Sorceress can generate bones with the Create Food spell.