Dragon's Crown Wiki

Saber Teeth are large purple-furred tigers with huge fangs that will try to chomp on you. If you knock them down without killing them, the Saber Teeth will become submissive, allowing you to mount them.

Attacks while mounted include a claw and bite lunge, the Saber Tooth's dash, and its jump.

The Saber Tooth will drop a large meat when killed, and this is so even if the player is riding it or not; thus their presence is usually quite welcomed on certain high difficulty parts. Saber Tooths can be killed without their HP reaching zero, in other to achieve this one must repeatedly knock them down in a row, once a certain "knock down limit" is reached; the mount will die, regardless of how many remaining HP it had.

One sidequest, Beastmaster, requires you to kill ten enemies while mounted on a Saber Tooth (or a Dragonlisk).