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In Dragon's Crown, runes are used to cast spells with varying effects.

Carried Runes[]

Runes Found in Dungeons[]

A list of runes not pictured above:

  • M
  • R
  • Z

Rune Combinations/Spells[]

List of rune combinations not pictured:

  • C-S-W Call Sylphide's Wind: Casts a spell which shields all players in wind
  • D-B-G Dead Be Gone: Kills undead enemies
  • D-I-E DIE: Where all living things go (mission related)
  • G-W-S Generate Weapon Stash: Spawns a crate of temporary weapons
  • O-T-S Open The Sesame: Opens hidden doors
  • R-M-Z Reveal Mystery Zone: Used to gain access to the Illusionary Lands (mission related)
  • S-O-D Sigil Of Death: Casts a spell with a high chance of killing all enemies in range
  • S-O-L Salve Of Life: Casts a healing circle on the ground
  • T-P-I The Phoenix Incantation: Grants all players an extra life point

Rune Chart[]

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