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Rickey is a talking mouse found in Wallace's Underground Labyrinth and is actually Wallace's apprentice. He asks you to check up on his master, who had disappeared underground and hadn't been heard from since.

Later on, Rickey tells you about some suspicious magicians who have gone to the deeper parts of the labyrinth and asks that you take care of it, in which you face off against the cyclopes horde.



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  • Rickey is a clear reference to Mickey Mouse who was a wizard's apprentice in the 1940 film Fantasia. Note the similarities in the design of their hats and their name.
  • Clicking on the stairs gives the message "A research lab is beyond the hallway up the stairs." Clicking on the hand gives "The poor color of your nails is evidence of an unhealthy diet." Clicking on Rickey will make him do a one hand stand saying thank you with his voice and giving the message "He can control brooms and make them fetch water." While in the one hand stand clicking on him will give "He used to be quite popular as a circus act."