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Release the Genie
At Ghost Ship Cove, use the magic lamp to call the genie 3 times.
Location Ghost Ship Cove
Path A
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty.
Money 8000 Gold
Experience points 30000 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
The Genie's Harem
Quest progression
Previous Next
Save the Seamstresses Decipher Golem Runes

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon for the first time.


This strange request was paid for in advance, but no one seems to know who made it.

A magic lamp is now in the hands of pirates. If the owner rubs the lamp while thinking of a wish, he can have three wishes granted to him. It is a legendary item famous through all the world. The requester would like you to grant his wish. Take possession of the lamp and wish, "Free yourself."

Completion message[]

You freed the genie from the magic lamp.


At the end of Ghost Ship Cove path A of, you will face the pirates. After defeating around ten of them, one of them will appear carrying the magic lamp. Defeat that pirate and grab the magic lamp. Use the lamp to call the genie three lamps and the mission will be complete. You don't actually have to attack with the genie, just call him, so you can release the lamp once you have called him. This can useful to do because, at high levels, using the genie is actually slower than defeating the pirates by yourself. And, if you are with a strong party, there is a chance that they will defeat all pirates before you are able to fulfill the quest in a single try if you use the genie to attack instead of just summoning him and releasing the lamp as quickly as possible.