Red Dragon
Red Dragon
Boss Information
Type: Draconic
Weakness: Ice
Resistance: Fire
Stage: Old Capital - B Path
Theme Song: Decisive Battle of Roaring Flames
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial None None
Normal 30 123904
Hard 60 403368
Inferno 90 775200

The Red Dragon is found in path B of the Old Capital. It is initially found sleeping in a treasure trove, where you can exit the room, or attack it, triggering a fight. The red dragon attacks by leaping about to stomp at you or try to chomp on you. Its biggest attack is its flame breath which is capable of doing an instant kill.

You can contain the fight in the treasure room, or you can take out outside as you run through the hallways. If you do, you have to make use of the great shields found scattered about in order to block its flame breath. It will then end at the crumbling bridge, and should you fail to kill it in time, you can instead shove the red dragon off the bridge. However, you won't get the talisman in this way.


The dragon has several attacks, two of which it uses the most often. The jump attack rains down gold in a large area. This is easily avoided if you have your evasion skill maxed out and evade 4 times in a row just before he lands. His fire breath attack sweeps across the screen in front of him. If you evade up, you can avoid the fire breath and the subsequent fire that stays on the ground. He also has a claw attack with crazy high knockback, its quick and hard to evade. Stay alive and he will eventually fall.

Winning earns you the purple talisman.

Creature Type: Draconic



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