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Reacquire Research
In a lab of Wallace's Underground Labyrinth, step on the floor switches in the proper order to open the chest.
Location Wallace's Underground Labyrinth
Path A
Defeat the Ancient Dragon on Normal difficulty and complete Delicacy Delivery.
Money 2000 Gold
Experience points 4500 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Quest progression
Previous Next
Kill Killer Fish Flying Fortress Blueprints

This quest is available once you defeat the Ancient Dragon for the first time and complete the quest Delicacy Delivery.


Rickey, the rodent apprentice of the magician Wallace, submitted a request for you.

Since his master's passing, his research into the evolution of species has been abandoned.

His work was secreted away inside a treasure box, which itself was locked in a cage, and only the diminutive Rickey had the key. However, he's since lost the key. He would like you to open the treasure box and reacquire the research. To access the treasure box, you will need to step on the colored switches in this order: Red, yellow, navy, purple.

Rickey has specifically requested you for this job, as he feels that you are the only one he can trust.

Completion message[]

You obtained the research documents that Wallace left behind.


At Wallace's Underground Labyrinth path A, in the third screen (second of path A), there is a closed door in the middle. Open it and enter the room. Inside, you will see a golden treasure chest behind bars and several colored switches on the floor. Follow Rickey instructions to open the bars: step on the red, yellow, navy and purple switches in that order without stepping on any of the others. If you do it correctly, the bars while move away. If you make a mistake, step on the round switch in the middle to reset them and try again. Once the chest is available, click on it to open it and complete the mission. In most cases, when you are about to step on the last switch, enemies will appear, so be careful no to get distracted.