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Rannie is a rogue whom you meet before the events of the game. He originally joins up with you in hopes of getting himself some easy coin, but then sticks around to form a beneficial partnership: you handle combat while he handles locks.

Rannie levels up as you have him pick more locks. His maximum level is 50. Leveling seems to decrease the chances of him triggering chest traps, almost never at 50.


Rannie Sprite still

Rannie has the ability to open locked doors and treasure boxes found scattered throughout the dungeons. He is powerless in battle, but he is highly skilled at picking locks.



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  • In early videos shown for Dragon's Crown, a scene depicting a possibly older looking Rannie can be seen. An elder looking male with a beard and pointed chin, in the same outfit. It's possible Rannie was planned to be an older character till the developers changed their minds, making him appear younger while the old design eventually became Tommit the Bandit.
  • Rannie is an atheist, as revealed if you fight the Arch Demon for too long.
  • Rannie assumes a similar role to the thief (default name Moriah) from Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow over Mystara. However, he takes time to unlock chests and can pick up treasure on the ground, but he has no combat capabilities.