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Princess Vivian lives in the  formidable Hydeland castle. She will occasionally request your assistance on regal matters and errands. Personality wise, she never seems to have any words to say to you. She will only stare at you with blank eyes.

It is later revealed that she's being controlled like a marionette via a hypnosis necklace placed on her by Prime Minister Gustaf. Once his treachery is revealed, she is finally released from his hold. 

Vivian then takes charge of the kingdom after Dean goes off in search of the Dragon's Crown, then gets distressed when she found out the Morneon Order had sacrificed him to reawaken the Ancient Dragon. 

Once the (first) Ancient Dragon is defeated, Vivian is made the Queen of Hydeland, equipped with the Royal Scepter, the Royal Orb, and the Dragon's Crown itself. 

Afterwards, when you go visit her in the castle, she will give you a mission in which you have to clear a random stage she mentions. Once cleared and you visit Vivian again, she will reward you a cash prize for the job.




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