Boss Information
Type: Humanoid
Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: None
Stage: Ghost Ship Cove - Path A
Theme Song: The Threat of Swarms
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial 10 377
Normal 17 645
Hard 42 2288
Inferno 72 5407

At the end of Ghost Ship Cove path A, a horde of pirates act as the level boss. Contrary to normal pirates, the enemies here cannot be transformed into frogs, however they are still vulnerable to petrify and extinction. After defeating the first 10 pirates, a pirate will jump carrying a Magic Lamp and will call the Genie to attack you. If the pirate carrying the Magic Lamp is defeated, the Magic Lamp will randomly jump to another place in the stage, up for grabs by another pirate or the player. The player can use the Magic Lamp and it will jump randomly after using the Genie for some times. In order to win this battle, it is useful to stop the Genie from being called by enemies.

Defeating them the first time gives the player the Royal Scepter which they had stolen from the fleeing Prime Minister Lord Gustaf.

Quest Release the Genie requires the player to call the Genie three times.

On harder difficulties, some Assassins will join the horde that attacks you, making the fight more difficult.

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