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The Phantom Knight is a mysterious being found in the Castle of the Dead . It appeared he had committed suicide in order to prevent a great evil from happening, then presents you a bloodied scroll before vanishing.

The phantom knight appears again, muttering about how "the Death God is coming".

After completing the level, it is revealed that the phantom knight is actually the previous King of Hydeland. It was revealed he committed suicide in order to not be used as a sacrificial lamb to bring about the rebirth of the Ancient Dragon.



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  • The words on the ribbon, strung on the sword hilt whose blade is impaled in the Phantom Knight, are Latin and read "Honesta mors turpi potior" meaning "A noble death is better than a shameful life."
  • Clicking on the cape gives the message "His mantle bears evidence of a fierce battle." Clicking on the scroll held in his right hand gives "A letter the king wrote to the princess in his final moments." Clicking on the black area were the face is gives "It's too dark to see his face." Clicking on the wound in the chest gives "It seems he stabbed himself right in the heart." Clicking on the ribbon attached to the sword gives "It reads, "A noble death is better than a shameful life.""