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The Witch Morgan Lisley (モルガン・リズリー, Morugan Rizurī, in Japanese, sometimes incorrectly transliterated as Morgan Rizilia) is the owner and shopkeeper of Morgan's Magic Item Shop. With her Mystical skills she offers her assistance to adventurers in need. Her help will be a vital part of your explorations into the Dungeons.

Morgan will sell you recovery items or appraise items you have acquired from your adventures. She also has the ability to restore weapons and accessories back to their prime condition.



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  • Morgan's appearance is inspired by Frank Frazetta's design of Teegra from the 1983 animated film Fire and Ice and also perhaps the 1994 painting The Sorceress.
  • The lore of the treasure art Golem Master, received by completing the quest Decipher Golem Runes, talks about how a young Lisley a hundred of years ago was a genius runic mage, being able to play with Golems as if they were dolls. This would make Morgan a character older than her looks, like Opalnaria Rain from Grim Grimoire.
  • If you click on her face, you will get the message, "She is a genius who seems to enjoy her current work."; however, if you click on her breasts, it will say, "Watch your hands, lest she decide to turn them to stone." Upon clicking her staff you recieve the message "In an instant she recreates items from their components."