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Morgan's Magic Item Shop

At Morgan's Magic Item Shop, Morgan Lisley sells you potions, buys items, appraises and buys your weapons and accessories, and repairs your equipment.

Buy items[]

Morgan sells you potions and bags. Besides the bags, all other items appear at random, so you will have to constantly check what she has in order to buy some of the most useful potions like the Elixir.

Sell items[]

When you no longer a a use for any of your weapons, accessories or items, you can sell them here. Weapons and accessories will have a higher value if they are undamaged, but repairing them regularly is more costly than selling them

Appraise items[]

After collecting treasures from a dungeon and ending your adventure, you are given the option to appraise items. IF you decide to appraise them later, here is where you can do it. The more costly a weapon is, the better characteristics it has imbued. Use this as a guide to decide whether to appraise an item or not, since appraising and selling an item is always more costly than selling an unappraised item.

Repair equipment[]

Weapons and accessories wear down depending on their use and characteristics. When these items break, their performance deteriorates. Morgan can repair almost all weapons and accessories, with the exception of those gotten as a gift by burying bones at Canaan Temple.

Exit item shop[]

Using this option takes you outside the shop into the streets of the town.