Boss Information
Type: Demonic
Weakness: None
Resistance: None
Stage: Ancient Temple Ruins - B Path
Theme Song: Appearance of Evil
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Normal 18 15903
Hard 50 74715
Inferno 80 162110

Medusa is a giant serpentine female monster waiting at the end of Path B of The Ancient Ruins.


Medusa's attacks involve swiping or grabbing with her claws, firing lasers and projectiles from her eyes, and dropping snakes out of her hair. 

Her eye lasers come in 2 versions and cause explosions in their wake that can ignite players. The first one travels in a straight line; while in the second version, Medusa draws a circle around her target. Medusa's other eye projectiles are homing and move slowly.

She also has an AoE attack where her eyes light up and cause a bright flash that petrifies everything that is facing her. It is easy to defend against as it takes a few seconds to charge and NPC allies automatically turn around when it is being used which makes it easy to telegraph. One problem with it is if you get trapped by one of her snake minions and are unable to turn around. Her snake minions can cause headaches because of their poison and ability to trap you and your allies. Clear them out as you damage Medusa to keep their numbers down.

If you retreat to the next room, you have to make your way through until you reach Medusa again in her lair. If you defeat her, she will retreat, but you get nothing.

Winning earns you the green talisman.


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