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Lucain is an aging magician knowledgeable in magical lore. He is also the friend and master of Tiki the Fairy. When you first meet him, he was only a pile of bones, but gets resurrected at the Canaan Temple.

Lucain is the first to teach you about runes (his main field of study) and their effects. He will also sell you magical items and runestones.

He is a good friend of Wallace the magician, and a former friend of the Forest Hermit.



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  • Lucain is a homage to Gandalf from J. R. R. Tolkien's legendarium.
  • Clicking on his staff give the message "Lucain vies his trusty staff as a partner, not an object." Clicking on his face gives "Eyes full of curiosity peek out from behind his white hair." Clicking on his pipe gives "He seems to be able to control the smoke from his pipe."