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Lost Woods
Lost Woods at the stage selection screen.
Lost Woods at the stage selection screen.
Labyrinth encounter Forest hermit magician
Path A
Screens 9 (2 vary depending on performance)
Optional rooms 2 (not optional, vary depending on performance)
Chests 6 (1 C, 2 D, 2 E, 1 either A or C depending on performance)
Boss Gazer
Path B
Screens 6
Optional rooms 0
Chests 5 (1 S, 1 B, 1 C, 1 D, 1 E)
Boss Killer Rabbit
Talisman Black Talisman
Chain run
Previous Next
Mage's Tower Ghost Ship Cove

Here in the Lost Woods, the same scenery repeats endlessly until you lose all track of where you came from. Legend has it that only the hermits who make this place their homes know of the way out.


The ninth is this vast forest. You are sent here by Lucain to meet the forest hermit, who knows much about the Ancient Dragon and the Illusionary Lands. Meeting the hermit, he tells you that awakening the dragon and entry to the Illusionary Lands is impossible, but gives you some tomes to get further information before pointing you to the exit. Exit by taking an underground river and through a crystal cavern. Upon getting to the exit, you are blocked by the Gazer.

The second time through, the hermit taunts if you are able to take another path out of the woods that leads to a ferocious monster that took the lives of countless knights. Going through the caverns, then ending t a room filled with a mountain of knight corpses, you meet the ferocious monster responsible for the kills: the killer rabbit. Slaying the bunny will earn a talisman.

High Ranked Chest[]

On path A, Getting past the underground river without your raft breaking takes you to a crystal cavern, which contains a chest with high chance of being high-ranked, and crystal stalagmites which drop crystals (for score) when broken.