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You first encounter it halfway while you are sailing on a ship. It will swing its tentacles at you while trying to destroy the ship. You have to make use of the ship's cannons to get the tentacles to let go although you are able to attack the tentacles directly if you and your allies aren't making use of the cannons. At the end of the level, you meet the Kraken in its entirety.

While fighting the Kraken, it will try to destroy the cavern. You can't damage the Kraken until you first kill off its tentacles which will attack you every now and then. Using the Dwarf's Power Smash and/or the Fighter's is a good idea to quickly bring down the tentacles as they can contribute to their team even without their weapons during the cooldown period. Blizzard, clone strikes with poison, and storm are also good ways for other classes to easily hit all the tentacles at once.

The Kraken also spews out ink at the end of the screen, likely to hit ranged characters or casters, or black clouds at close range which can cause Poison. It can also attack with a wave of water that you can jump over.

Lizardmen will spawn at a certain point between flood rotations.

If you take too long to defeat the Kraken, it will destroy the cavern, flooding it, before getting away. You wash ashore and exit, but you won't get the talisman or treasure this way.

Winning earns you the Red Talisman.

Creature Type: Natural