Killer Rabbit
Killer Rabbit
Boss Information
Type: Natural
Weakness: Fire
Resistance: None
Stage: Lost Woods - B Path
Theme Song: The Fight with Reinforcements
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial None None
Normal 23 32580
Hard 54 126900
Inferno 84 263304

The Killer Rabbit is the Natural-type boss found at the end of Path B of the Lost Woods. The Rabbit has relatively low HP compared to other bosses but primarily uses high damaging single-target attacks.


Nearly all of the Killer Rabbit's attacks are capable of Stunning players, particularly its multi-bite attack and stomping attack. The only exceptions being its Whirlwind attack and its one-hit kill bite so simply standing toe-to-toe with it is not a great idea. Melee characters should wear it down through hit-and-run tactics, using short combos before moving away and coming back after its attack animation. Ranged classes will simply have to stay out of melee range and avoid its Whirlwind attack as best as they can.

As the fight drags on, the Rabbit has a tendency to use its one-hit kill maneuver where it emits a bluish aura for a moment and starts glowing red. When it is in this state, it will do a single jumping bite attack that instantly kills its target. It causes an x-ray image to appear on the victim that shows a large part of their skull breaking off. The Rabbit will jump twice in this state before the effect ends if no players are hit. Look out for the initial startup animation and immediately move away from the Rabbit.

In Infernal and Ultimate modes, the Killer Rabbit's whirlwind attack also stirs up knight and gladiator corpses as well as their weapons, adding to damage. They will drop to do damage once the whirlwind dies down. The Rabbit will also burrow into the ground and shoot up from below for a surprise attack. Keep watch of its path to avoid the attack.

Poison and Fire damage works well against the Rabbit as these elements inflict damage over time which help wear it down.

If you take too long to defeat the Killer Rabbit, knights will pour in along with a crate of bombs in an attept to kill the Killer Rabbit. However, you won't earn the talisman or treasure this way.

Winning earns you the black talisman.

Killer rabbit

Death Awaits You!


  • The Killer Rabbit is an obvious reference to Monty Python and the Holy Grail and the Killer Rabbit found in that movie.
  • If you take too long to defeat the Rabbit, the Highland Knights come out to fight the Rabbit and will continue to come out endlessly.  A box of Bombs also appear off to the side near the exit to throw at the Rabbit, another reference to the Holy Hand Grenade in Monty Python. 
  • If you fight the Killer Rabbit and continue adventuring until the next camp scene, you can actually use the Killer Rabbit's remains as cooking ingredients.


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