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Help the Honey Buzzards
At Ancient Temple Ruins, destroy the orcs' cargo found at the harbor.
Rannie can open the door to the harbor.
Location Ancient Temple Ruins
Path A
Complete the first mission for the Adventurers Guild to become a member.
Money 1000 Gold
Experience points 750 Exp
Skill points 1 Pt(s)
Treasure art
Honey Buzzards, Eaters of Wasps
Quest progression
Previous Next
None Beastmaster

This quest is available once you become a member of the Adventurers Guild.


We've seen a dramatic increase in the wasp population in recent days. Some of our top scholars believe that this wasp explosion is due to the decline of honey buzzards. The scholars postulate that orcs have taken up residence in the ancient temple ruins and are hunting the buzzards for food. Without the buzzards consuming the wasps, the wasp population is growing unchecked.

If their supply chain can be broken, the orcs residing in the ruins will be forced to leave, thus allowing the buzzard population to rebound.

Destroying a recent orc shipment in the harbor should be enough to encourage the orcs' relocation.

Completion message[]

You have restored balance to the ecosystem.


Have Rannie open the door in the second screen of the stage (first screen of path A) and destroy the oil barrel inside that room. You'll have to face some orcs.