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Art by Yukiko Hirai. This treasure art is unlocked by completing the quest Decipher Golem Runes.


The spells used to create golems are ancient, and the thought process behind creating them is completely different from the present day schools of magic. Golem magic is beyond mastery of even the researchers who are on the cutting edge of magical experimentation.

It is said that not many who can wield that kind of magic exist in this era, but over a century ago, there was one genius runic mage that kept their talents out of the public eye.

The young Lisley could simultaneously control many golems with her raw magical talent. The notes say that she would play with them as if they were dolls.


  • Morgan Lisley is the same girl spoken in the lore of the treasure art. That makes her over 100 years old despite her young looks, similar to Opalnaria Rain from Grim Grimoire, another Vanillaware title.
  • She also is using the same staff that one of the wizard staffs look like, a glass scepter.