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Overview & Strategy


Its defense is very high which renders normal attacks almost useless. Its only attack is a sword slash that does a large amount of damage and causes heavy knockback. This attack only hits those that the sword can reach so it is safe to stay under or behind the Golem and attack from there.

The default plan to beat the Golem is to awaken one of your own on the way to it via rune magic (the Life From Stone spell) and protect your own golem until it reaches the boss and let it fight for you while you deal with the minor enemies that spawn the entire time.

It is possible to defeat the golem without awakening your own (which is also a sidequest) by using the bombs dropped by Goblins. Its also possible to do regular damage if you stack enough dmg to objects.

In Infernal and Ultimate modes, the Golem has the ability to charge forward, and his word attacks sends out shockwaves.