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Ghost Ship Cove
Ghost Ship Cove at the stage selection screen.
Ghost Ship Cove at the stage selection screen.
Labyrinth encounter Mermaid swimming in shallow water
Path A
Screens 11
Optional rooms 2
Chests 7 (1 A, 1 B, 1 C, 2 D, 2 E)
Boss Pirates
Path B
Screens 8 (1 varies depending on performance)
Optional rooms 2 (1 not optional, varies depending on performance)
Chests 5 (1 A, 2 B, 1 D, 1 E)
Boss Kraken
Talisman Red Talisman
Chain run
Previous Next
Lost Woods Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress
If chain run is continued, Camp follows this stage.

"The inside of the cave connects to a fissure on the coastline. It seems large enough to contain another ocean. Sailors dread passing through this area. There are myriad tales of ships disappearing here." -Quest Dialog.


The sixth stage takes place in this cove of wrecked ships. You chase Gustaf down through here to learn that his ship had been raided by pirates according to a mermaid. The pirates have made base there and you must find their hideaway to reclaim the stolen royal orb. Also among the pirates' loot is a magical lamp, which they can use to summon a genie to battle you.

The second time through, the mermaid tells of the kraken, which had been recently terrorizing the seas. You traverse the waters in an old abandoned ship, in which the kraken attacks it. In the end, you arrive in the kraken's lair, which attempts to bring the whole place down as it fights you. Killing the kraken earns you a talisman.



Name Type Level
Lizardman Draconic 17
Skeleton Undead 17
Vampire Bat Natural 17

Boss A: Pirate (Level 17)[]

Name Type Level
Brood Corpse Undead 17
Ghoul Undead 17
Ghost Undead 17
Pirate Humanoid 17
Skeleton Undead 17
Undead Undead 17
Vampire Bat Natural 17
Wight Undead 17

Path Selection[]

Mermaid swimming in shallow water[]


Mermaid swimming in shallow water.

A beautiful voice in the sea calls out to you. You'd heard of the mermaids' legendary curiosity. She asks you many questions.

She wandered into these shallow waters after being chased by a kraken. She says the kraken should still be nearby.

Which path will you take?

  • A: Go into the pirates' hideout and look for their treasure.
  • B: Seek out the kraken and defeat it for the fair mermaid.