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Ghosts are incorporeal Undead monsters that prefer to dwell in dark locations, first appearing in the Castle of the Dead, and appearing in several other locations throughout Hydeland thereafter, most notably Ghost Ship Cove and the Forgotten Sanctuary. While they are easily dispatched by those prepared to deal with them, they pose a serious threat to the unprepared or weakened.


Ghosts are incorporeal enemies; they are completely immune to physical and even most magical damage. While slow-moving, they do enormous damage if they hit and are essentially invulnerable except to their two weaknesses.

Fire damage (from fire staff attacks, fire spells, the Fire Ring, explosive flasks, bombs, the Fire Thrower weapon, a Torch, Salamander Oil from the Elf, Magma Infusion from the Dwarf, etc) and so on) can actually harm them.

Additionally, Ghosts are terribly vulnerable to light. Moving anywhere near one with a Torch in hand will destroy one instantly, and this is traditionally the most efficient way to deal with groups of them at once.

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  • Ghosts are one of the only enemies in the game other than Lizardmen with multiple character models; both male and (extremely busty) female ghosts can be encountered.