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Overview & Strategy


The Gazer teleports around and fires lasers from its eyes and chomps down on players that get too close. It will also use fire magic, creating a circle of fire around itself or shooting a small barrage of fire balls.

It also possesses an AoE attack where it causes an area eruption around itself that covers a wide range, capable of instantly killing players that get hit. This is the Gazer's most dangerous attack since its other attacks can easily be blocked or evaded. NOTE: Your party is not in its line of sight as it prepares the attack. Dealing enough damage to the Gazer during its charging animation will temporarily stun it and cancel the attack. This is made more difficult on hard and higher difficulties as it will teleport around the screen while charging and then teleport on top of you before firing

One must keep in mind that any magic skill will not work if the Gazer is facing you, causing your character to perform the casting animation but do nothing. Another way of knowing if you are in the Gazer's line of sight is the appearance of a red magic circle resembling an eye under your character's feet that disappears when it can no longer see you. Only once you are out of its line of sight can you use any magic skills.

Having allies that deal melee damage is very much needed but beating it as a caster is possible though more difficult and time-consuming.