Gargoyle Gate
Gargoyle Gate
Boss Information
Type: Object
Weakness: None
Resistance: Fire
Stage: Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress - B Path
Theme Song: The Fight with Reinforcements
Difficulty Level Hitpoints
Tutorial None None
Normal 22 20473
Hard 53 81576
Inferno 83 172584

The gargoyle gate isn't an actual monster, rather a full-metal sophisticated security gate found at the end of path B in Bilbaron Subterranean Fortress. The gate releases goblins and orcs as well as occasionally fire streams of flame. Be careful not to be nearby when the gate closes or you will take damage. The gate takes little damage, so you have to make use of the cannon to do massive damage. You have to fast, though, because the cannon will get targeted by the monsters, and if it's destroyed, you have to wait for another to come in.

Winning earns you the orange talisman.


Having a separate bag for dmg to objects is a good idea for this boss. You can do thousands to the gate per hit if you stack enough, in which case you don't even need the cannon. If you don't have such a set, kill the goblins until they drop two cannonballs and a torch. Drop them on the left side by where the cannon comes in so its easy and fast when it shows up. After firing two shots the gate will breathe fire and wreck the cannon before another cannonball shows up. Rinse and repeat for the next cannon. Alternatively, you can also damage it with explosives like the Golem.

Creature Type: Object


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