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Forgotten Sanctuary
Forgotten Sanctuary at the stage selection screen.
Forgotten Sanctuary at the stage selection screen.
Labyrinth encounter Female monk warrior
Path A
Screens 9
Optional rooms 1
Chests 8 (1 B, 2 C, 3 D, 2 E)
Boss Golem
Path B
Screens 9
Optional rooms 2
Chests 8 (1 S, 2 B, 2 C, 2 D, 1 E)
Boss Arch Demon
Talisman Blue Talisman
Chain run
Previous Next
Wallace's Underground Labyrinth Old Capital

In the time of the gods, people attempted to construct a giant tower to reach the heavens. The gods were angered by this arrogance, and it is said those people were destroyed along with the city that used to stand here


The seventh stage is in this harrowing tower, filled with knights, wizards, and demons. You meet the female warrior monk, who had been attacked during a mission there. She was to place a holy artifact on top of the tower's altar in order to purify the place and halt the resurrection of the demon king, so you go in her stead. This is where you first use rune magic to awaken a golem ally in order to fight against an enemy golem. By destroying the golem, you acquire an eerie tablet.

The second time through, you can go to stop the demon king's resurrection directly. Going through another route in the tower, you can actually warp to the demon realm where the demon king is currently being restrained. Beating him down will return you back into the tower where reaching the top, you are met by the arch demon. Killing him earns you a talisman.