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DC - Fighter - 02


Cyclone Masher - A flurry of airborne sword slashes done while jumping. The Fighter unleashes weak but very fast sword slashes while descending. The higher the technique levels up, the more power, range, and slowness of descent it gains.

Tempest Edge - The Fighter's most powerful technique. He unleashes a rapidfire storm of sword slashes ending with a powerful thrust. The higher the level, the larger the power, time length, and range of the attack. The finishing sword stab is also increased to cover over half a zoomed-out full screen.

Reflex Guard - A supplemental skill in which the Fighter will have a chance of automatically guarding attacks if you don't. Increase in level will increase the chances of automatically guarding.

Protect Allies - The Fighter's shield block can now protect allies while defending, and guarding against an attack will now confer a damage boost to the fighter. The guard animation changes to show several phantom shields, as well as a white aura on the ground, denoting the safe area for allies.. Allies are protected within this zone, flashing green but recieving no damage if struck. Contrary to the in-game description, this ability does not increase the damage of allies.

Air Charge - While the Fighter is in the air, if you push the Left analog stick forward and hold Square, he will charge forward with his shield. He can do this up to 3 times while airborne.